Golf Clash Hack: do you get more gems?

Golf Clash Hack

Welcome to a caley-thistle, and in this post, I’ll be showing you guys some golf clash hack to get all them into gems in the game. Now you can already get unlimited gems in the game but you have to pave it down with real money, so if you have a lots of money you can buy a bunch of gems. If you don’t have money to buy gems you have to grind out and grind out to get gems.

best golf clash hackSo yeah but this Golf hack you made you’ll be able to get free gems as much as you want. And this works on Android and Apple phones so yeah and Apple devices, tablets, phone – doesn’t matter. Remember this game is I mean this blog is only for fun and jokes. All of you now show you guys how to get free gems in the game golf clash alright, so now I’m loading into the game now, and I’m going to show you guys how to do this hack to get on the minted gems. And as you can see I only have like 30 gems right now and about 500 coins.

How to start using it

And you’re going to need your username which is this one right here so yeah you’re going to write that down or remember it and as you can see gems are kinda expensive like 17,000 is for $100 and bonuses you can buy coins in the gems. So yeah that’s pretty good as you can see you can purchase coins for gems. So yeah once you’ve gotten your username from the Golf Clash game which is different for everybody, you’re going to open a browser – doesn’t matter which browser, and go to this site which is free – Press enter and wait for it to load up. Load it – alright so if you’re on this website um yeah this website then you’re on the right page. If you are on another site that you probably typed in the URL are linking incorrectly and should do that step over again.

Where does it work

If you’re on Android and iOS and enable encryption then click on connect. Make sure you type in your username correct because if you connect with the wrong or some random username, it won’t work! It won’t work! Then go to choose how many gems you want, if you wish to five thousand fifteen thousand or fifty thousand. I’m going to pick fifty thousand because I’m greedy and you’re going to click on it. Now wait for the steps to complete, again remember iOS or Apple devices Apple phone does dos and Android is for Android phone like Samsung, etc. make sure to choose the right one when you’re doing this. Now, this is the last step; you’re going to verify yourself. You’re going to download one of these games and run it for like 30 seconds or follow the level that it gives you. So, yeah I’ll download the game and once it’s finished downloading.

So any way you’re going to type in the username that you got from the game, right here which my son was guest. In these numbers that this is a new account, by the way, this is the default username, if you add your Facebook account, it changes your username. Make sure you’re going to choose the one you want.

The results

Then I’ll restart the video I’ll skip this part. All right, so now I’ve downloaded the game that I choose to download and remember each game is different for every country. I may have this game which is solitaire.

To download but maybe you don’t just choose the game or app that’s available for your country to download and run it for like 30 seconds to a minute or play the level 5 or whatever it tells you to do and then once I’ve finished doing this I’ll check my account. My golf clash account. Golf clash account, you see – God that I’ve got the gems that I choose which was 50,000. All right so now I’ve finished doing it. You’re going to open the golf clash game. Now, and show you guys that it works!! And there you go as you can see I have 50,030 gems. I already had 30 gems, so now it’s 50,030 gems – so yeah! Make sure to share this blog and that subscribe button and peace. Thanks for reading.